WordPress Website Care Program

Our Fully-Managed WordPress Care Program provides backups, security checks, performance scans, and hands-on technical support when you need it.

We will keep your WordPress site secure by managing and applying the latest updates to your installation. Spare yourself the frustration of keeping current with plugins and core updates so that you can devote your time to what you do best. In short, we keep WordPress sites running smoothly. Here’s how:

Software Updates

WordPress websites require software updates just like your computer and phone do. WordPress core, plugins, and themes must all be kept up to date for the following reasons.

  • Increase security
  • Fix bugs (problems)
  • Add features and functionality


Websites can be damaged in several ways, including user error, hackers, and hosting issues. That’s why routine backups and simple restoration options are critical. We recommend that you also keep an offsite backup in addition to backups provided by your web host. Our maintenance service includes storing backups offsite.


Any public website can be targeted by hackers. The unfortunate reality is that WordPress sites are heavily targeted by malicious bots and individuals. Depending on the site, we use a combination of the following to make sites more secure.

  • Brute force protection
  • WordPress hardening
  • Site monitoring

It’s so easy to get your WordPress website professionally managed. Just follow these simple steps:

Sign Up Today

Sign up today for a WordPress Website Care Package. Not sure what package fits your needs? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Submit Your Information

Once you’ve paid for the service, we will reach out on our secure ticket system to get some important information. Then we can get our management tools installed on your website. This process can take up to 24 hours once we have your information.

Peace Of Mind

You can go back to running your business knowing that your website is being monitored and kept up to date. We will also let you know how we can improve your websites performance and security.

WordPress Website Care Maintenance Pricing:

Basic Care

$49.99 per month

Monthly Security Monitoring

Monthly Backup

WP Core Updates

WP Theme Updates

WP Plugin Updates

Discounted Rate for Design & Development

Monthly PDF Report

Site Reviews – (Identify issues and ways to improve your site)

Uptime Monitoring

Performance Scans


Premium Care

$149.99 per month

Daily Security Monitoring

Daily Backups

WP Core Updates

WP Theme Updates

WP Plugin Updates

Discounted Rate for Design & Development

90 Minutes of Support A Month

Monthly PDF Report

Weekly Performance Scans

Uptime Monitoring

Site Reviews – (Identify issues and ways to improve your site)


*Our normal hourly rate is $95 an hour. The average cost of getting a website up with out any maintenance plan is $2500 if it was hacked or had malware in it.

*Our customary charge is 95 an hour unless it’s an estimated project



Is there any other maintenance / support costs?

  1. Depending on the Care Package you have chosen, there could be additional charges to improve the security and performance of your WordPress Website.  We will provide an estimate for your approval for any recommendations from us.
  2. You submit a request. Our initial review and diagnosis of your support issue request is $59 and includes an estimate on what it will take to complete your website maintenance / support request. If you choose to have us complete the work, you will be charged for the actual time we spent on your website maintenance / support request.

How do I pay for my website maintenance / support request?

  1. Our office will contact you for payment. We accept Visa and Master Card credit and debit cards.  Payment for the website maintenance / support issue review and diagnosis is required beforehand, while the payment for the resolution is charged to your card upon completion.
  2. We will not charge your card we have on file for your Website Care Package. Even though your Website Care Package is on a automatic charge monthly to your credit card, we handle your support requests separately even though you may charge the same credit card.

What hours is website maintenance / support available?

Our website maintenance / support team is available from 9:00am to 4:30pm EST, Monday through Friday. Our goal is to respond to you within 24 hours to provide an estimate for your support request.