Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

The top three websites on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) get most of the organic traffic. Most people don’t bother scrolling down the SERPs or going to the next page.

Google and other search engines use strict criteria to determine each website’s query ranking position for users. The goal for your website should be to comply with the rules and exceed the set requirements; this is where our Search Engine Optimization Services come in! Welcome to Mid Michigan Interactive, a leading Search Engine Optimization Agency.

If you have a website and have not had Search Engine Optimization done to it, then you might as well be trying to hide your website from the entire world. Today’s professionals and businesses must do SEO on their websites to ensure people can find them online. Through SEO, we can help you get your website out to the world so that it can reach your target market and help raise your bottom line.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines. Search Engine Optimization Services aims to push your web pages to the top of organic or unpaid search results pages (Google, Yahoo and Bing). This way, prospects will find your website when they make search engine queries about your business or brand, or queries about a product or service you offer.

SEO entails improving everything about your website to comply with Google’s ranking criteria. For example, Google encourages websites to be mobile-responsive to keep up with the ongoing shift from desktop to mobile browsing. The search engine enforces this policy by ranking mobile-responsive websites higher than non-responsive ones. 

Standard SEO Practices Include: 

  • Good website design
  • Reducing loading times (increasing site speed).
  • Optimizing social media pages and content. 
  • Incorporating relevant, popular keywords. 
  • Creating informative content that answers users’ queries. 
  • Updating content to keep it fresh and relevant. 
  • Incorporating more videos and images into your content. 
  • Adding links to authoritative websites to your content. 

Mid Michigan Interactive offers these and other SEO services in Lansing, MI to improve your website’s rank on SERPs. We customize our SEO strategies and services to suit our client’s unique needs and make their websites stand out to organic users and Google’s algorithms. 

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Services is the best strategy to improve your website’s rank on SERPs and get more organic leads. SEO’s efficiency rating is 94%, higher than social media marketing (85%), email marketing (79%), and blogging (68%). In a nutshell, SEO is crucial to your website’s visibility and overall performance. 

SEO can also benefit your website in many other ways, including: 

  • Boosting Reputation & Authority 

Most people assume that the top-ranking websites on Google are the best, which is mostly true. They also view it as a leader in its niche, which significantly boosts your brand’s competitive edge. 

  • Increasing Organic Traffic 

The first website on SERPs gets about 33% of all organic traffic, and the second brings about 18%. The two top-ranking websites get 51% on average of all organic traffic. More organic traffic means more leads – a good lead conversion strategy will help turn them into customers, 

  • Improving Users’ Experience 

All of the elements of Search Engine Optimization Services are meant to improve internet users’ experience. For example, increasing your website’s loading speed means visitors can access your content faster. Most importantly, developing educational, informational content helps improve your visitors’ understanding of the subject. 

Why Google?

Our SEO Consulting Services in Lansing Mi stick to Google’s recommendations. Today, 91% of people online use search engines frequently, and Google takes a commanding 66.80% market share. If you dominate Google, you’ll dominate the search rankings. People will find you if they can find you on Google.

White Hat SEO

We employ “white hat” techniques in contrast to other freelancers and companies. Search engines like Google and others despise “black hat” or questionable optimization techniques like spamming keyword stuffing and cloaking. Our Search Engine Optimization services cling to Google’s most recent algorithm modifications, including the Panda and Penguin upgrades.

What We Do – SEO Services

Our SEO Services in Lansing, Mi, involve the application of complex guidelines and adept techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, and linking of your website. It starts with intelligent research on the best keywords or search queries your prospects search in Google.

Why Choose Us?

Mid Michigan Interactive is the leading Search Engine Optimization Agency & Web Design Company in Lansing, Michigan. Here is an overview of the processes that make us stand out from the competition: 

  • SEO Based on Google’s Recommendations 

Google is the world’s most popular search engine as it commands about 66.8% of the market share. It is also the most sophisticated search engine platform, and SEO is based on its policies and recommendations. Our SEO services and strategies are based on Google’s policies to give our clients the best results that will make the biggest impact for your business. 

  • White Hat SEO 

Black hat SEO entails trying to trick Google’s algorithms (the short game), while white hat SEO entails implementing Google’s recommendations (the long game). Black hat SEO is risky and can get your website suspended or banned. We offer our clients a safer and more reliable option with our 100% white hat SEO Services in Lansing, Mi.

  • Customized SEO Strategies 

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand this and consider our client’s unique needs and preferences when developing their SEO strategies. Have customized & Cheap SEO Services in Lansing, MI & boost your business to the next level!

Let Us Help

Our SEO Services in Lansing, Mi are efficient and help improve your website’s rank on Google’s SERPs, unlocking many benefits and opportunities. We are the best Search Engine Optimization Company in Lansing, MI, because we deliver good results, and our services will offer exponential ROIs. Contact Us Now to learn more about how we are the best for your business growth!